DYING FETUS: New Re-Issue Tracks Posted Online

Posted: February 11, 2011 in death metal

DYING FETUS: New Re-Issue Tracks Posted Online

DYING FETUS has posted the re-mastered versions of “Kill Your Mother, Rape Your Dog“ (taken from Killing On Adrenaline) and “Grotesque Impalement“ (taken from Grotesque Impalement) online now via the band’s MySpace and Facebook pages. These re-mastered tracks come from the series of expanded DYING FETUS re-issues being released this year.

DYING FETUS recently saw the re-issue of their 1995 demo collection Infatuation With Malevolence and debut album Purification Through Violence in January. Both albums are streaming online now in their entirety at DyingFetus.info and are available at the following locations: Purification…, Infatuation…. The re-issues have been re-mastered, re-packaged to include new liner notes and never-before-seen photography, and bonus tracks.

Re-issues of 1998’s Killing On Adrenaline and 1999’s Grotesque Impalement EP are set for release on March 1st. Killing On Adrenaline will include two bonus tracks while Grotesque Impalement will feature three un-released tracks. Information on these re-issues can be found here: Killing…, Grotesque….

DYING FETUS’ “Your Treachery Will Die With You”, from the band’s latest album Descend Into Depravity, is now available on the Rock Band gaming platform. “Your Treachery Will Die With You” can be downloaded to the Xbox 360 gaming console through the Rock Band Network or online at this location. There is also a more advance version of this song via Rock Band that utilizes the double bass pedal available here.

DYING FETUS are about to embark on their last headlining tour in support of Descend Into Depravity as the headliners of the 2011 Bonecrusher Fest. This last tour before they begin work on a brand new album will also include KEEP OF KALESSIN, CARNIFEX, FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE, and ANGELUS APATRIDA.

Bonecrusher Fest is an annual tour that brings extreme metal talent from around the world to European audiences. A complete listing of the 2011 tour dates and cities can be found below with more information available at MySpace.com/BonecrusherFest.


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