LLVME (new line-up!!)

Posted: February 4, 2011 in metal

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LLVME are very proud to announce their our new line-up.

   During the last few months we were working to improve the band with new members. Oskar K-os, Nacho and Lord Valius left the band and Eric, David and Huevo joined Llvme. Some of the past members didn’t have time for Llvme because of their jobs and other bands, so Nandu had to re-make Llvme with new musicians. Fortunately, we’re able to announce that the new line-up is much better.

   The new LLVME line-up consists of:

Eric – Vocals, guitars
Nandu – Guitars, keys, bagpipe, hurdy-gurdy
Huevo – Bass
David – Drums

   The most relevant change is on vocals due to the necessity to improve it.

   All the new photos in our MySpace were made by Andrea G?mez (www.myspace.com/amar_game)


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