Posted: January 21, 2011 in metal
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Supergroup gets overused, describing the most unimpressive of bands and lame of disoographies. LOCK UP deserve it, and their OBSCENE EXTREME 2011 арреагёпсе will renew yourfaith. Originally formed by SHANE EMBURY (NAPALM DEATH/VENOMOUS CONCEPT), NICK BARKER (CRADLE OF FILTH/DIMMU BORGIR) and JESSE PINTADO (NAPALM DEATH/TTiRRORIZER) to blast out the most caustic, skin-flaying brand of deathgrind, the band were joined by the raw throat of PETER TAGTGREN (HYPOCRISY) for their debut album, 1999’s fearsome ‘PLEASURES PAVE SEWERS’, and TOMAS LINDBERG (AT THE GATES/DISFEAR) for 2002’s ‘HATT: BREEDS SUFFERING’, touring Japan and then falling into inactivity. Now joined by guitarist ANTON REISENEGGER (PENTAGRAM/CRIMINAL) in place of the late Jesse Pintado, LOCK UP are back in the most uncompromising style possible, planning a split 7″ with the legendary BRUTAL TRUTH and an eagerly awaited show at OBSCENE EX~REME to prove to the real fans that the spirit of true deathgrind – not the over-produced, sugar-coated shit but heartfelt, raw brutality – is still very much alive.

Original gangsters of punk/metal crossover, THE VARUKERS formed in 1979 in the same musical family that would spawn DISCHARGE, CHAOS UK and AMEBIX, blending spit-drenched punk rock intensity with a heavy metal wall of sound and unrelenting drum battery. Splitting in 1988, the band reformed in 1993 and embraced d-beat – as if there was no greater indicator of just how well they honed those scorching bursts of hardcore fury, vocalist RAT joined the resurrected DISCHARGE in 2003!
Still proudly anarchist, still utterly furious, THE VARUKERS are a potent re minder that punk is far from dead at OBSCENE EXREME 2011.

“What?? That shitty gay naked band again?? No way, [ won’t come to OEF this year, that fest sucks”
That should be the normal reaction of 99% of the usual OEF crowd. Well, too bad for them, the band will be there and will only play songs from their so much hated 2nd full length in order to piss everyone off! Or maybe they won’t, maybe they wont play at all and just fuck themselves on stage…

Blasting their way through from the UK, Fleshrot bring their original take on Death metal to OEF. Mixing everything from old school death metal to modern day brutal riffs their original and brutal sound combined with their imposing live performances have devastated stages across the UK and Europe, its now time for OEF2011 to experience the Rot!!
“Were honoured to be playing at OEF, we have been wanting to play this festfora while and it couldnt of come at a better time! We will be blasting out shit loads of new material and tearing it up with you sick OEF moshers!! come support the UK scene and get wasted with us at OEF 2011!!”

Well, this is todays grindcore from Pozega (Croatia). A band known for crusty and grinding chaos in their past has changed their sound, becoming more technical yet keeping the DIYpunk edge. There can be heard some influences from the early grind metal over later intense hc/crust to todays extreme music, but instead of predictable cloning Dislike managed to go in it’s own direction.

Belgium’s hardest hardcore/powerviolence/fastcore band. Toured with bands like Municipal Waste, Victims and more. Toured the US, Europe, UK, … Released 1 Full length LP, a live split LP with Sunpower, a full length EP and a split EP with A.N.S. Played with the biggest of the biggest hardcore/punk/grind/crust /fastcore bands and always deliver a huge atmosphere with circle pits, moshing, stagedives!!!


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