Ayscobe – Beside Yourself – Firefield Records

Posted: November 13, 2010 in metal
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Ayscobe – Beside Yourself – Firefield Records

Opponents, aims, winning, losing, no freedom nor peace. The prog outfit Ayscobe was founded by guitarist Michael Tenten in 2003 in Reutlingen, near Stuttgart. Together with Ullrich Treß (bass), Bastian Rustedt (vocals) and different musicians he worked on his vision of progressive rock music. Ayscobe’s influences ranges from the early seventies to modern progressive music. After some years searching for the right sounds the band started to work on
their rock opera BESIDE YOURSELF in 2007. The line-up was completed in 2009 with Murat Yürek (guitar) and Simon Schmiss (drums). BESIDE YOURSELF is a mixture of catchy melodies and progressive arrangements. Let’s join the passage between dream and reality! Welcome to the world of Pete!

The lyrics
Life as a game: There are only opponents, aims, winning, losing, no freedom nor peace. The rock opera BESIDE YOURSELF tells the story of the resulting misunderstanding and verbal inaccessibility. Pete was born with an extraordinary fantasy and wandered back and forth between dreams and reality, until he could not tell the difference between them. His friends tried to make him aware of his mental absence, but he only tried to distance himself.
In the fight for his way of being he could no longer decide which way is the right one to find inner peace. Finally he decided to follow his dreams that he believed he could control. The dream of peace is broken as a Harlequin (as a symbol of the suppressed reality) appeared and convinced him that he made the wrong choice.
In awareness that his world is a fantasy world, Pete now saw the Harlequin as an enemy and let him die in his dreams. Disgusted at himself, he tried to escape back to reality, just to find out that this is not possible anymore …

1. How it began
2. Illusion
3. Voices
4. Solution
5. Good mood
6. Illusion 2
7. Meeting with harlequin
8. Unspoken law
9. Story Why
10. Harlequin
11. Psychose
Total playtime: 1:04:59 Min.

Bastian Rustedt (Vocals)
Michael Tenten (Guitar)
Murat Yürek (Guitar)
Ullrich Treß (Bass)
Simon Schmiss (Drums)


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