Icewind – Again Came The Storm – CD – Power Melodic Metal – Metalodic Records

Posted: November 12, 2010 in metal
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Icewind – Again Came The Storm – CD – Power Melodic Metal – Metalodic Records

01. Signs of Temptation
02. Blood Stained History
03. My Glorious Burden
04. My Own Tragedy
05. The Last March
06. The Happening
07. Hymn For a Brighter Dawn
08. As Fool We Dance
09. Oh Winter Morning
10. Again Came The Storm

ICEWIND is a melodic metal band, from Montreal, Canada. Our music combines catchy riffs and choruses from 80’s glam rock, hard-pounding rhythms and the speed of modern heavy metal. It is rounded out by inspiring piano melodies
and topped by powerful and clean vocals.
ICEWIND is committed to delivering a high quality entertainment material to its audience. Rooted into the quality music recording, ICEWIND pushes the live experience to a whole higher level with energetic performance, video
projections and visual effects, unique outfits, decors which are the band’s standards. Powerful and Melodic are the best words to define Again came The Storm. With Strong Guitar Riffs and Beautiful piano melodies, this 53mn record mix all elements that all amateurs of POWER METAL ask for. This release will reach all fans of bands such as EDGUY,
SONATA ARCTICA, KAMELOT and FIREWIND. To get a high quality production, Icewind relied on music industry big names. Mastering has been done by ALAN DOUCHES at WEST WEST SIDE MASTERING (SYMPHONY X, MASTODON, SEPULTURA, KILLSWITCH ENGAGE) in New York, USA. The splendid artwork is the creation of JAN MEININGHAUS ( BRAINSTORM, FALCONER, MYSTIC PROPHECY, DREAM EVIL). The long awaitedalbum is about to be released under Metalodic Records.

LINKS Line Up:
Phil Michon – Bass
Alex Dubé – Drums
Gab Langelier – Vox
Jay Ménard – Guitars
Vinni Poliquin – Guitars


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