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Legendary Finnish thrashers ALTARS OF DESTRUCTION have inked a deal with Violent Journey Records. The band’s new album, “Gallery Of Pain”, will be released on April 28.

The “Gallery Of Pain” artwork (see below) was created by Juha Vuorma, who also designed covers for the first three KALMAH albums and for USURPER and METUJA, among others.

“Gallery Of Pain” track listing:

01. Altars Of Destruction
02. Aggression
03. Children Of Misfortune
04. Guilty Or Not
05. Cross The Line (Of No Return)
06. Heroes Of The New World
07. Suicide…Are You Fucking Insane?
08. Gallery Of Pain
09. Day Of Judgement


Mika Luoma: Vocals
Kimmo Osmo: Guitars
Pasi Osmo: Bass
Jussi Samppala (TYRANT DISCIPLE): Drums

Formed in 1986 by the brothers Kimmo and Pasi Osmo, along with Jukka Sandberg, ALTARS OF DESTRUCTION went through several lineup changes before releasing an EP, “Painful Awakening”, in 1989. Due to personal issues, the band split up a short time later. In 2005, ALTARS OF DESTRUCTION regrouped and started writing new songs and reworking old material. Their intention was to “make a couple of new songs and pick out our favourites from the past and make a record that cuts through two decades of metal the way we lived and loved it.” Jussi Samppala from TYRANT DISCIPLE also stepped in as the band’s new drummer.

…IN DEVILTRY, the Rio Grando do Norte, Brazil-based band formed by Tommy Lindal, one of the founding members of Norway’s THEATRE OF TRAGEDY, has posted an “orchestral” version of “Theme”, the main track from the group’s forthcoming, as-yet-untitled EP. Check

…IN DEVILTRY, whose lineup also includes Brazilian singer Larisse Katarine, is an atmospheric doom-metal band inspired by powerful deep metal with classical elements like piano and strings. The vocals will be feminine, but with some additional male vocals. Main influences are “old THEATRE OF TRAGEDY, MY DYING BRIDE, KATATONIA and AFTER FOREVER, but with a darker feeling.”

Tommy Lindal left THEATRE OF TRAGEDY in 1997 for medical reasons.

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Danish extreme metallers PANZERCHRIST have issued the following update:

“The recording and mixing of our next album is now complete and we are currently in the process of finding the right label for this release. We have also begun rehearsal sessions with live shows in mind. These will be the first in more than a decade.”

One of the new tracks, “For The Iron Cross”, is available for streaming on the band’s MySpace page.


Magnus Jørgensen: Vocals
Panzergeneral: Bass
Lasse Bak: Guitars
Rasmus Henriksen: Guitars
Mads Lauridsen: Drums

PANZERCHRIST’s last full-length album, “Battalion Beast”, was released in August 2006 via Neurotic Records. The band recorded the drums, guitars and bass for “Battalion Beast” at Smart N’ Hard studio with Jacob Bredahl (HATESPHERE) during February/March 2006. Vocals and keyboard were recorded by Ziggy at Zigsound. The latter was also responsible for mixing and mastering the album.

Canadian thrash metal veterans ANNIHILATOR will release their 13th, self-titled album in Europe on May 17 via Earache Records, in Japan through Marquee and in Australia via Riot Entertainment.

The Earache webstore is now taking pre-orders for the limited-edition deluxe version of the album housed in a clam box (pictured below) with three pin badges, sticker sheet, ANNIHILATOR logo keyring and a guitar pic limited to 500.

The track listing for the CD is as follows:

01. The Trend
02. Coward
03. Ambush
04. Betrayed
05. 25 Seconds
06. Nowhere To Go
07. The Other Side
08. Death In Your Eyes
09. Payback
10. Romeo Delight

Total running time: 48:50

Since releasing its classic “Alice In Hell” debut in 1989, ANNIHILATOR has consistently played heads-down, no-frills metal, led by guitar virtuoso Jeff Waters.

ANNIHILATOR was honored in the “Favorite Metal Artist/Group” category at the 2009 Indie Awards (Independent Music Awards), which was held on March 14, 2009 at the Royal York Hotel (Canadian Room) in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Also nominated in the “Metal” category were BISON B.C., CRYPTOPSY, CURSED and FUCK THE FACTS.

The Indies celebrate the best in independent music. Nominees are selected by committees of industry professionals from all areas of the music scene and winners are decided by a combination of public and industry voting.

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ANNIHILATOR released its latest album, “Metal”, in North America in January 2008 via SPV. The CD’s ten tracks were recorded by Jeff Waters (guitar, bass and lead vocals on one song), drum legend Mike Mangini and Dave Padden (longtime vocalist and touring guitarist/vocalist). The album features sensational performances by some of metal’s finest players and ANNIHILATOR’s good friends, like Alexi Laiho (CHILDREN OF BODOM), Danko Jones, Michael Amott and Angela Gossow (ARCH ENEMY), Corey Beaulieu (TRIVIUM), William Adler (LAMB OF GOD), Jeff Loomis, Jesper Strömblad (IN FLAMES), Steve “Lips” Kudlow, Anders Björler (THE HAUNTED), Jacob Lynam (LYNAM) and more.

Swedish/German extreme metallers ARCH ENEMY will play their first-ever show on the Faroe Islands at the 2010 edition of the G! Festival. ARCH ENEMY will headline the event on July 16.

Nestled in the heart of the North Atlantic, the solitary and spellbinding Faroe Islands lie midway between Iceland, Norway and Scotland. G! Festival is situated in the picturesque seaside village of Göta and has redefined the whole musical landscape of the Faroe Islands with its international scale and visionary scope.

Comments ARCH ENEMY guitarist Michael Amott: “Over the last couple of years we have been fortunate enough to play a lot of new exciting territories for the band and we’re extremely pleased to add the Faroe Islands to that ever-growing list!”

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Hosted By:MetalstormWhen:Thursday, May 13, 2010Where:NEUDEGG ALMNEUDEGG ALMABTENAU 5421Description:EXCLUSIVE SHOW FROM :


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Earthless are set to kick off a two week tour with Russian Circles! The band will also be performing at The Roadburn Festival in Tilburg, Holland.

Earthless released the epic double CD/LP “LIve At Roadburn” in October 2008 on Tee Pee Records. That album is available for press/radio download below:

“In the deepest parts of Southern California, the San Diego area to be exact, lays a psychedelic throne currently occupied by a trio called Earthless. The sound is directed towards a kraut-rock feel, adapting psychedelic guitar solos to a steady pulsing rhythm reminiscent of John Paul Jones and John Bonham.”
– Thrasher Magazine

Known for being every other band’s favorite band, EARTHLESS features members Mario Rubalcaba (ex-Rocket From the Crypt, Hot Snakes, Blackheart Procession, Clickatat Ikatowi) on drums, Isaiah Mitchell (Nebula, Drunk Horse) on guitar and Mike Eginton (Electric Nazarene) on bass, and deliver one of the best live shows in all of modern, heavy rock today.

In April 2008 Earthless was featured at the Roadburn Festival held annually in Tilburg, Holland. The festival is a celebration of tube-driven distortion, crackling electrical guitars and the many fans that come to celebrate the mighty riff. Earthless embodies the true essence of Roadburn so it came as no surprise that the band was invited to play in the 2008 edition.

Unexpectedly, Earthless wound up on the main stage of the festival in front of 2,000 rabid fans, mere moments before they were to headline The Batcave (a room with 200 person capacity). Live At Roadburn came about not so much by default but out of sheer necessity. When the headlining band at the festival did not use their two hour time slot on the main stage, concert organizers were left scrambling to find a replacement to fill the slot.

Earthless gladly accepted the opportunity and proceeded to lay waste to all that was surrounding them for a straight hour and a half of visual mind and audio massacre! Told of the recordings, the band had a few listens and decided that it was the most honest document that they could offer, for they were caught in their natural environment – the live show.

Earthless w/ Russian Circles
Apr 6 Hafenklang – Hamburg, Germany
Apr 7 Patronaat – Haarlem, Holland
Apr 8 Thekla – Bristol, UK
Apr 9 Brudenell – Leeds, UK
Apr 10 Captain’s Rest – Glasgow, UK
Apr 11 Islington Mill – Manchester, UK
Apr 12 Rock City Basement – Nottingham, UK
Apr 13 Underworld – London, UK
Apr 15 Roadburn Festival – Tilburg, NL
Apr 16 Impetus Days Festival – Lausanne, Switzerland
Apr 17 Sidecar – Barcelona, Spain

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Steven Dolcemaschio
Tee Pee Records

February 2nd: Priestess – Prior To The Fire
March 23rd: Nebula / Quest For Fire Split 7″
April 6th: Karma To Burn – Wild Wonderful Purgatory (vinyl reissue)
April 6th: Karma To Burn – Almost Heathen (vinyl reissue)
April 20th: Sweet Apple – Love and Desperation
June 29th: The Main Street Gospel – Love Will Have Her Revenge

Four years sine the release of “Madre, Protégenos”, Duncan Patterson (ANTIMATTER, ANATHEMA), returns, leading the entity known as ÍON. On “Immaculada”, the lone travelling musician has again collected instrumental and vocal souvenirs from his numerous destinations to illustrate the memoirs of his quest.

“‘Immaculada’ was written in a period I was travelling back and forth between Ireland and Greece,” he says. “The album documents personal experiences of that time, set to introspective and reflective ballads.”

Hypnotic and alluring, the album balances both the freshness of Irish landscapes and the warmth of Mediterranean sunbathed seashores, as its haunting Celtic vibe thrives and builds upon tribal rhythmic patterns. Much like its predecessor, the straightforward and minimalistic overall tone of the album is misleading, as its layered complexity and resonant harmonies reveal themselves at each listen, one mystery at a time, and one step closer to the end of this spiritual quest.

ÍON has gathered around it an enormous amount of talent, both in the many musicians that have taken part in “Immaculada” and in the group of singers that bring words to life, this time lead by the Irish Lisa Cuthbert. Her heartfelt performances are occasionally accompanied by her sister Aoife Cuthbert, with Mark Kelson (of THE ETERNAL) and gothic/alternative muse Vic Anselmo, providing additional outstanding contributions to the album, among other voices from Argentina, Mexico, Romania or Brazil.

Mostly recorded in the Portuguese countryside and in Dublin city, the intricate instrumental backbone is mainly constructed out of traditional instruments. With the mandolin family taking center stage, the tracks have been arranged to incorporate ethnic instrumentation (flutes, uillean pipes) which contrast with the sparse orchestration supplied by cello, violin, acoustic guitars, keyboard pads and piano, supported by the earthbound pulse of the percussion.

Due in May in deluxe digipak CD on Equilibrium Music, “Immaculada” is a collection of slow motion mysterious ballads, balancing light and shade, salvation and loss, beautifully crafted by gifted artists scattered over the world.

“Immaculada” track listing:

01. Immaculada (4:43)
02. Temptation (5:26)
03. Adoration (5:24)
04. Damhsa Na Gceithre Ghaoth (6:18)
05. Invidia (4:37)
06. Cetatea Cisnadioara (10:06)
07. The Silent Stars (7:42)
08. Return To Spirit (6:11)

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Thursday, May 13, 2010 6:00 PM

Exklusives Wolves in the Throne Room Konzert in Österreich auf der Neudegg Alm in Abtenau Salzburg.,ABTENAU%20,5421,AT

After a five-year absence, the mighty and legendary mega-beast CIRCLE OF DEAD CHILDREN has re-emerged from the sewers of Pittsburgh with its new full-length album, “Psalm Of The Grand Destroyer”.

According to a press release, CIRCLE OF DEAD CHILDREN “bring with them a more focused and refined approach on their signature crusty, blackened, inhuman grindcore sound while still keeping their brutality and violence at the forefront. No triggers or drum samples. No guitar re-amping. No vocal processing, inhaling or microphone manipulations. None needed. Their thunderous music is as sincere and urgent as it ever was, but with a solid and complete line-up in tow, and with production from the masterful Scott Hull, CIRCLE OF DEAD CHILDREN have never sounded or played better than this.”

“Psalm of the Grand Destroyer” — which marks the first appearance of drummer Matt Francis alongside bassist Drew Haritan and founding members Jason Andrews (guitar) and Joe Horvath (vocals) — features 14 new tracks and one remake off the band’s initial release from 1998.

CIRCLE OF DEAD CHILDREN represent the audio end-times; a psychotic fast-forward nightmare into the sonic ash-heaps of humanity. CIRCLE OF DEAD CHILDREN are the ultimate anti-everything band; anti-life, anti-death, anti-world, anti-music and anti-you. Critically acclaimed for lyrical concept and prose as much for their hyper-extreme approach to sound, CIRCLE OF DEAD CHILDREN possess the ability to both wretch and annihilate the listener as well rouse and intrigue. Never has this been the case more so than with “Psalm of the Grand Destroyer”.

Commented Joe Horvath: “After what seemed to be an endless amount of setbacks over the past several years, it feels great to not only have this release finally becoming a reality, but for it to be in our opinions, the best overall release we’ve done to date. We’re proud to continue our work with Willowtip Records and look forward to dropping this nasty bomb on the world soon.”

“Psalm of the Grand Destroyer” is due out in stores June 8, 2010 in North America and June 7 in Europe via Candlelight/Willowtip.

The track listing for the CD is as follows:

01. Avatar Of Innocence
02. Ursa Major (1998 revisited)
03. When Human Compost Stains all Earth and Repels the Messengers of Love
04. Chaos Crawls Back
05. Earth and Lye
06. We Who Move with the Graven Worms
07. Bury the Ill Flock
08. Refuse to Kill the Same Way Twice
09. Obsidian Flakes
10. Last Words and Warning Signs
11. Jaracaca
12. Torches
13. Night of Morbid Psycho
14. Germinate the Reaper Seed
15. Starve, Beg & Die a.k.a. Fuck You Kill Me