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MANTRIC Announce Debut Album

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Pre-order is now available for “The Descent,” the debut album from Norway’s MANTRIC. The band, formed from the ashes of metal visionaries, EXTOL, have set April 26th as the release date for the album on Prosthetic Records worldwide. CDs are available for $10, T-shirts for $12 and a combo-bundle for $20. Get yours now at PROSTHETIC RECORDS’ WEBSTORE.

Mantric’s, ‘The Descent’ fuses a unique, distinctly Scandinavian take on rich, challenging metal and modern punk with a powerful progressive edge. “The Descent” was recorded in Norway, and had the legendary Tue Madsen (The Haunted / Dark Tranquillity / Himsa) handling mixing and mastering duties.

MANTRIC’s vocalist and guitarist Ole Sveen commented, “Our first album using the Mantric-name does to our ears deserve to get out to lovers of hard music all over the world. Our music embraces creativity and originality outside the limits of narrow genres…This is a release that is both accessible and original, catchy and complex at the same time, and we can’t wait to get it out!”.

Last night, Download announced a whopping 22 band that we ran a fine tooth-comb over so that we could bring you this definitive guide to what you can expect at this year’s Download festival!

Steel Panther – After a sold-out tour of the UK, Steel Panther will be bringing their fun-filled set to Download for the second year running. We hope they’ve got some new jokes by June. It’s all starting to get a bit Bo Selecta, innit?

HIM – Having graced the cover of a recent issue of Metal Hammer and released their best album since ‘Love Metal’ (yes, it is, because we say so), HIM are a welcome addition to the Download bill. It’s been a while since Ville graced Donington with his presence and now that he’s cut out all of the off-stage debauchery, he’ll actually be able to sing properly. Hurrah!

Saxon – Valiant defenders of the faith and giving the tr00 metal contingent something to wave their swords in the air about. They also played the very first Donington Monsters Of Rock festival 30 years ago. Respect is due. They’ll be playing their Wheels Of Steel album in its entirety.

Airbourne – Yeahbourne! One of the greatest live bands on the circuit and with a kick-ass new album, the Aussie hellraisers will be the ultimate band to down a pint to and lose your fucking mind! One of the top 10 bands you could book on a festival today, no doubt.

Coheed & Cambria – When you need a presence onstage to capture the hearts and minds of tens of thousands of people, there’s only one thing that can do the trick – a massive barnet. Oh and loads of awesome prog-tinged rock anthems to go completely nuts to. That’ll do nicely.

36 Crazyfists – A massive welcome back to one of our favourite bands in the whole wide world. 36 Crazyfists are guaranteed to slam out 45 minutes of non-stop anthems to get the pit bouncing like Tigger on disco biscuits. Let’s fucking do this!

Dillinger Escape Plan – Option Paralysis is one of the best albums of 2010 and their shows at the Camden Barfly were two sets that reaffirmed your love for inventive, forward-thinking music. This isn’t opinion, it’s fact. The Dillinger Escape Plan are coming to Download 2010. you’d better bring a tin helmet.

Dommin – Rock music that’s in touch with it’s emotion. Slayer fans have just vomited blood but it’s actually pretty decent. Fans of HIM will have just caught them on their UK tour and it was allegedly pretty killer. You can see it for yourselves on the main stage on Download Sunday.

Taking Dawn – 80’s hair metal revivalists Taking Dawn may not be bringing anything new or revolutionary to the table, but what they lack in originality, they make up for in big tunes. They’re yet to make their UK live debut but we’ll be casting our beady eyes on them on the upcoming Airbourne tour.

Unearth – Showcasing some of the best beatdowns to ever grace heavy music, Unearth are not only one of the best live bands to have ever come from metalcore, they’re one of the best bands in live music. Miss these guys at your peril.

Cinderella – Having just played their first live show in 3 years, 80’s bluesy-rockers Cinderella will be looking to continue the classic rock vibes that worked so well at Download 2009. It’s also their first UK show since 1903. Well, it’s been ages. You know what we mean.

A Day to Remember – One of the biggest success stories of the past 24 months, ADTR have seen their star rise and rise down to an ability to combine some of the catchiest choruses around with brutal beatdowns. These guys are going to go supernova in the next 12 months, catch them while you can.

Lawnmower Deth – Nottingham’s veteran thrashers and owners of the greatest band name in the history of all time. If they bring their cover of the Osmand’s ‘Crazy Horses’ to the party, shit is going to go off.

Whitechapel – Fresh from the road supporting Trivium, Whitechapel’s metallic assault is a hybrid of metalcore and deathcore that’s won them a lot of new admirers as of late. They’re also named after the London borough that’s the 2nd cheapest on the monopoly board. You’re welcome.

August Burns Red – One of those cult bands that have a serious amount of credibility more than a fanbase in numbers. They slayed it with Lamb Of God earlier this year and BMTH last year. One more time won’t hurt us, will it?

Ratt – 80’s hair metallers will turn up, sport massive hair and play ‘Round And Round’. What more do you want? FYI Gill says that their new album is pretty good too.

The Blackout – They’re nice guys. They’re actually really funny when you get to know them. We’re not convincing you, are we? It’s that pink streak he had in his hair and the photos of him biting his bottom lip that did it, isn’t it? When you put it like that, we can’t argue with you.

We Are the Fallen – The Irish girl from the year before last’s American Idol and that bloke who used to be in Evanescence’s new band. The Idol girl’s pretty hot and her husband has got tattoos on his face. That’s pretty metal, right?

HellYeah – Vinnie Paul rides his hard rockers into Donington for the second time. Their second album is coming up this summer and we can’t wait for that sucker to drop! Hell yeah? Hell fucking yeah!

Y&T – Formed in 1974, Y&T specialize in hard rock/heavy metal. They’ve released 11 studio albums and 3 live albums. We definitely haven’t just taken this from their Wikipedia page.

Rise to Remain – Rising British metalcore crew that continue to garner more attention and praise as each month passes. Big response at hammerfest and on their recent run with Trivium. We almost got through this without mentioning that Austin is Bruce Dickinson’s son, didn’t we? Dammit.

Job For A Cowboy – Regulars at Download, Job For A Cowboy still rank amongst the most influential bands within deathcore. Their ‘Genesis’ album blew the doors open for the likes of The Black Dahlia Murder and Trigger the Bloodshed to reach new sets of eyes and ears.

Bands confirmed for this year’s Download festival thus far: AC/DC, Aerosmith, Rage Against The Machine, Them Crooked Vultures, Deftones, Stone Temple Pilots, Bullet For My Valentine, Stone Sour, Megadeth, Motorhead, HIM, Airbourne, Steel Panther, Billy Idol, Lamb Of God, Volbeat, Five Finger Death Punch and many, many more to still be announced

Saltatio Mortis: Manufactum II EPK online
Right on time for the start of the medieval festival circuit, the medieval chartbreakers (“Wer Wind SДt” made it to pos. 10 in the German Media Control Charts) present their fans with a brand-new album: “Manufactum II – Live at the Medieval Market”! All details about this one-of-a-kind live record can be found in the EPK! Fans may watch PART 1 and PART 2 of the EPK on YouTube!
“Manufactum II” will hit the streets on April 30!

San Francisco’s LIGHT THIS CITY has just added a final show to the run of previously announced reunion/farewell shows in April. The band will be playing their last show ever on Monday, April 12 in Orangevale, CA at the Boardwalk, with old friends DARKEST HOUR and label-mates, ANIMALS AS LEADERS. This is in addition to shows in San Francisco, Fresno, Anaheim and Los Angeles. The band has been dormant since mid 2008, before the release of their final record, the critically acclaimed, “Stormchaser.”

The newly updated farewell dates are:
April 8 Thee Parkside, San Francisco (w/ Comadre, The Funeral Pyre, Early Graves)
April 9 The CYC, Fresno (w/ Azathoth, The Funeral Pyre, TBA)
April 10 Chain Reaction, Anaheim (w/ The Funeral Pyre, Antagonist, Early Graves)
April 11 The Blvd, Los Angeles (w/ The Funeral Pyre, Gypsy Hawk, Atour Heels)
April 12 The Boardwalk, Orangevale (w/ Darkest Hour, Animals As Leaders)

It was just announced that Ben Murray and Laura Nichol’s new band, HEART SOUNDS, has signed with Epitaph Records. PROSTHETIC RECORDS recently reissued the band’s first record, 2004’s “The Hero Cycle.”

Trauma – live show

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25.03.2010 – Od Zmierzchu Do Świtu – Rzeszów
wejście: 19.00
start: 20.00

bilety: 15/18 zeta


headliner – TRAUMA
co-headliner – BANISHER
1 support – CARRION CROW

Trauma będzie promować swóje najnowsze dzieło “Archetype Of Chaos”, jest
to jeden z pierwszyk promujących koncertów.

The emotionally charged doom metal masterpiece of 2010, namely APOSTLE OF SOLITUDE’s “Last Sunrise” is now available.

In what will go down as one of the most memorable doom metal albums of the year, as several advance reviews have already proclaimed, “Last Sunrise” is a doom metal album driven by feelings of sorrow, despair, and pain. In what comes across as a release that mixes the epic and soulful vibes of SOLITUDE AETURNUS and the flat-out ballsy drive of THE OBSESSED, “Last Sunrise” takes the momentum from APOSTLE OF SOLITUDE’s previous album, the lauded “Sincerest Misery”, and brings it to new soaring levels of doom metal glory.

Formed by ex-GATES OF SLUMBER drummer Chuck Brown, who has taken the helm of vocals and guitars in APOSTLE OF SOLITUDE, and along with their fellow Indianapolis metal comrades in The Gates Of Slumber, APOSTLE OF SOLITUDE have slowly been gaining quite a bit of respect within the doom metal scene and already have been recognized as one of America’s premier doom metal bands. This reputation will only cement itself even more with the release of “Last Sunrise”.

A pilgrimage through nine tracks, where the militant opening of the title track sets the tone for the journey of the inevitably doomed lovers, as the build-up of the album strengthens with each succeeding track more and more, until the utterly moving earth shattering climax that is the song ‘Coldest Love’ (one of the mightiest doom metal songs you’ll hear all year, if we may add) brings the hammer down and draws this tale of tragedy to a close.

An epic interview with vocalist/guitarist Chuck Brown was just posted via the doom metal site/blog The Obelisk.

Tracklisting to the North American version of “Last Sunrise” (which features three bonus tracks recorded by Gates Of Slumber drummer Bob Fouts; covers of The Obsessed, The Misfits, and Born Against respectively) goes as follows (*denotes North American bonus tracks):

1. Last Sunrise (Requiem)
2. Acknowledging The Demon
3. Other Voices
4. Letting Go Of The Wheel
5. Hunter Sick Rapture
6. December Drives Me To Tears
7. Sister Cruel
8. Frontiers Of Pain
9. Coldest Love
10. Streetside*
11. Astro Zombies*
12. Mary And Child*

An MP3 of the track ‘December Drives Me To Tears’ can be heard via our MP3 section of our website and the band’s myspace page:
Haemophagus/Grindcrusher split 7″ release party


Metal War Machine II
26.03.2010 – Olsztyn – Andergrant
godz 18.00 – start 19.00 – wjazd 8zl
Metal War Machine II
27.03.2010 – Ostrołęka – Adrenalina
godz 18.00 – start 19.00 – wjazd 5zl

Hosted By:GoodBye ManKindWhen:Saturday, March 27, 2010Where:la scintillavia attiraglio 66modenaDescription:Haemophagus/Grindcrusher split 7″ release party

Florida-based hardcore/metal veterans PRO-PAIN will release their new album, “Absolute Power”, in Europe on May 7. The CD was recorded at Little Creek studios in Gelterkinden (Baselland), Switzerland.

“Absolute Power” track listing:

01. Unrestrained
02. Destroy The Enemy
03. Stand My Ground (feat. Schmier of DESTRUCTION)
04. Road To Nowhere
05. AWOL
06. Hell On Earth
07. Divided We Stand
08. Gone Rogue (I Apologize)
09. Rise Of The Antichrist
10. Hate Coalition

Check out the cover artwork below. Also available is video footage from the studio.

PRO-PAIN in December 2008 announced the addition of drummer Rick Halverson to the group’s ranks. Rick is best known for his work with Omaha thrashers NARCOTIC SELF, STEPHEN PEARCY (RATT) and the power metal band CELLADOR.

PRO-PAIN’s 11th album, “No End In Sight”, in 2008 entered the German Media Control chart at position No. 98.

The band signed a deal with Regain Records for the release of “No End In Sight” in North America.

Together for 19 years, the Florida-based band has developed a niche in the hardcore/metal scene with a sound distinctly its own.

Carrying that sound through the years, PRO-PAIN has also taken liberties to grow and expand, and “No End in Sight” has been described as the band’s most melodic offering to date.