FEEBLE MINDED — Death Metal Grindcore

Posted: March 2, 2010 in death metal, Grindcore
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The band Feeble Minded meet with an echoes from surrounding in 1998 after recording stuff Meanwhile We’re Alive. In 1999 Feeble Minded had played plenty of gigs also with more famous bands.
In autumn 1999 the new guitarist Erik followed the band and Feeble Minded played only new material. The promo named CML-5 was released — 5 songs recorded at home. Racy death music with grind influence made the band ready to play more gigs and fests.
A record Hate Feeling was sampled in November 2000 and released as a split CD with Limits of Nescient in March 2001. The CD was released by Grodhaisn Productions together with Copremesis Records.
In the following two years Feeble Minded had played about 60 concerts in Czech Republic and abroad. In 2002, Erik was replaced by the new guitarist Banjo and our electronic drums were replaced by live drummer David at the end of the year.
The year 2003 has been dedicated to CD My Anorexia that was released at Grodhaisn Productions again. It’s a first recording with the live drummer (six pieces are played by Lille of German brutal death band Defeated Sanity, one by David). Feeble Minded are still receiving very positive comments on the CD and live shows.
Another changes in the end of 2004 comes on guitarist and drummer posts. Instead of Banjo was Erik back and David was replaced by Wena. In year 2005 Erik leaves Feeble Minded again. On live shows band presents material from the last CD and brand new stuff only.
In September 2006 was released DVD-R Nothing But Death with new material and two video-clips.

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