Posted: February 27, 2010 in metal
Direct Link — http://ping.fm/jQlEX

Aaen — vocals, electric and acoustic guitar
Saaashky — acoustic guitar, violin;

Это музыка! Такого я ранее не слышал. Здесь только акустическая, электрогитара и скрипка. Все в месте создают неповторимый звуковой ландшафт. Эта музыка может быть саунд-треком к какому-нибудь документальному фильму про осень. Капает мелкий осенний дождик. Опадает листва с деревьев. Природа скорбит о чем-то, а может о ком-то. Воспоминания о былой любви. Bad I’m for Deadwebzine

Czech band AAEN ANIMA was found in 2002. From album to album Aaen Anima tried to create always new musical forms; from progressive doom and brutal subfolk/jazz fusion through avantgarde with clarinet, electronica with mandoline to raw black-thrash-death-core and so on. No drums have been used ever. Band offers its full albums for free on its website, http://ping.fm/TLg3f and http://aaen-anima.ic.cz Actual 2-EP „Aaen Anima 2» was finished 19.-20.12.2008 in line-up Aaen — vocals, electric and acoustic guitar / Saaashky — acoustic guitar, violin; it contains three avantgarde/progressive tracks including edit of a live recording and unplugged.

Official albums
Aaenic Poems (demo), EP, 2002
Aaenic Poems, EP, 2003
Carnival Ceremony In Concert (live), EP, 2003
Aniline Harp, CD, 2003
Madhin / Kfidla Propasti Sveta, EP, 2003
Another Brick In The Fall, EP, 2004
Nadvzdusna Kvetina / Ethereal Flower, EP single, 2005
Sebepochoden / Selftorch, EP, 2006
Aaen Anima 2, CD, 2008 (* since 2009 as 2-EP)
Compilations and collections
Madhin / enhanced version (bonus version, CD, 2004)
Works I / Works II (including albums from 2003 — 2004 and live-EP Carnival Ceremony
In Concert), 2CD, 2004
Compilation ,Strike Records 01′, 2004 (song Ehtel from CD Aniline Harp)
Compilation emited for 10th anniversary of festival ,Fest 26′, 2004 (tracks 1—4 from EP
Madhin / Kfidla Propasti Sveta)

czech/slovak avantgarde
http ://s web.cz/aaen_anima



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