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New York, NY- (February 26, 2010) – What starts out as an unexplainable game of terror slowly unfolds into a nightmare of shocking horror in “Nine Dead,” coming to DVD and available for sale on March 9th, 2010 via Image Entertainment.

An all-star cast including Melissa Joan Hart (“Sabrina: The Teenage Witch&rdquo, John Terry (TV’s “Lost,” “24&rdquo and William Lee Scott (“The Butterfly Effect&rdquo triggers top-notch suspense in this gruesome tale of a masked gunman on the prowl. With hoods over their heads, nine handcuffed strangers are about to learn their kidnapper’s game. They must work together to answer one question: Why have they been targeted? One of them will die every 10 minutes unless they can strip away each other’s secrets to solve this dangerous, twisted puzzle that could leave “Nine Dead.”

This thriller shows Melissa Joan Hart’s dramatic range and will provide fans with a different genre for Hart, who is primarily known for her comedic roles in family productions such as “Sabrina, The Teenage Witch” and “Clarissa Explains It All”. Most recently, Hart has announced her ABC Family series, “Melissa & Joey”, with co-star Joey Lawrence.

Melissa Joan Hart states, “This film is very special to me for many reasons. My fellow actors were amazing to collaborate with, we got to shoot in sequence which is rare, and I finally had the chance to really bite into a dramatic role and it was delicious.”

Product information
Genre: Thriller, feature film
Rating: R
Language: English
Format: DVD
Year: 2009
Street date: March 9, 2010
Length: 86 minutes

Image Entertainment, Inc. is a leading independent licensee and distributor of entertainment programming in North America, with approximately 3,200 exclusive DVD titles and approximately 340 exclusive CD titles in domestic release and approximately 400 programs internationally via sublicense agreements. For many of its titles, the Company has exclusive audio and broadcast rights and, through its subsidiary, Egami Media, Inc. has digital download rights to approximately 2,000 video programs and over 300 audio titles containing more than 5,100 individual tracks. The Company is headquartered in Chatsworth, California. For more information about Image Entertainment, Inc., please go to www.image-entertainment.com.

Hartbreak Films, Inc. was founded by Paula Hart and Melissa Joan Hart in 1993 to produce both projects for Melissa to star in and projects that they can produce. Paula Hart served as executive producer on the Showtime movie Sabrina, the Teenage Witch that aired in 1996 and was the highest-rated movie Showtime has produced for children. With that success, she developed the series that starred her daughter Melissa Joan Hart, producing 163 episodes of the live-action show and 65 episodes of Sabrina, the Animated Series.

Paula Hart has established a long list of producing credits for television and film, including the television movies; Up, Up and Away (Disney Channel), Sabrina Goes to Rome(ABC Wonderful World), Sabrina Down Under (ABC Wonderful World), Two Came Back (NBC), Doomrunners (Nickelodeon), Silencing Mary (NBC), The Right Connections (Showtime), and The Scream Team (Disney Channel). Hartbreak has also ventured into reality programming, filming Tying the Knot: The Wedding of Melissa Joan Hart for ABC Family in July 2003. Mute, a short directed by Melissa and starring Emily has been a darling of the film festivals including Tribeca, Palm Springs, Whistler, Palm Beach, Miami, Reno Tahoe, etc. Hartbreak controls a number of other projects such as Samurai Girl, written by Dan Gordon (The Hurricane, Passenger 57), Dropped Eggs, written by Neal Gumple, Tiny Dancer a drama directed by Melissa and written by Jayce Bartok (Cake eaters) and an animated series based on the children’s book, Violet the Pilot.


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